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On this page you can apply for enrollment into a Topup Education at UCN


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Admission requirements

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You can check whether or not your Academy Profession degree programme qualifies for admission to the programme you are applying for by looking at the specific requirements and selection criteria.
If your programme does not qualify, you can apply for a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition – also known as ‘PLAR’. If you choose to apply for the programme using a PLAR, please tick ‘Other admission requirements’ below.

Year of graduation
Title of your AP degree programme
Year of graduation
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Previously engaged in another higher education programme
This question does not relate to education you are currently applying to
Are you currently, or have you previosly been, admitted to a higher education programme?

If you have been admitted to a higher education previously, you are required to document all completed educational elements from that education.
If you have completed elements of an education at the same level as the education you apply to, UCN will decide if you can be granted merit for that education if you are admitted.
If UCN decides that you can be granted merit for certain educational elements, it means that you are not required to attend these again - and therefore can complete the education in a shorter amount of time.
Please upload the relevant documentation on the "Upload files" form, after you sumbit this form.